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Troll ST

Basic version of our carts.

It is possible to buy individual accessories.

GERO carts were created for the most demanding users related to the film industry. Made from the high materials with attention to the smallest details. Thanks to GERO carts, working on a movie set will become more convenient and safer for your equipment. Lightweight and extremely durable, foldable construction ensures comfort of use. No tools required for assembly. The troll is equipped with all swivel wheels, which enables precise adjustment of the trolley. Thanks to the compact dimensions, after folding the seats, you can transport the cart in every passenger car.

Price: 1350,00 €
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• The trolley is entirely made of the 5754 and 6060 aluminum,
• max load: 320kg,
• high quality anodized aluminum accessories,
• 225mm Pneumatic wheels,
• Crossbars supporting 1/4” and 3/8” accessories,
• Very durable graphite powder varnish on the top and bottom,
• A multi-layer mat made of a special, soft material, finished with a high-quality blanket lining the interior of the worktops,
•  Dimensions adapted to each passenger car.



• dimensions after folding: 118x65x20,
• dimensions when unfolded: 118x65x110,
• Troll ST with wheels: 40kg,
• Troll ST without wheels: 26kg.


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